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Celebrate National Native American Month

Your gift in honor of National Native American Heritage Month to the Native American Rights Fund means you…

…stand for the rights of Native Americans

…stand for the sanctity of promises made to them

…stand for justice for all Americans

…stand for the protection of our natural heritage and environment

…stand for the for the future of Native Americans and Native American generations to come

…stand with the great warriors such as Sitting Bull, Geronimo, and Chief Joseph, because the Indian Wars never ended.

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Celebrate National Native American Month
November is National Native American Heritage month. The month-long celebration is designated to educate the public about the history, cultures and contributions of Native Americans. Unfortunately, in many cases this month is used to perpetuate romanticized notions and stereotypes or to relegate Native Americans to tragic figures of the past. Instead, this November please help make Native American Month a time to raise awareness in your community about the issues impacting Native Americans today.

Make November an authentic celebration of Native American life. Order your Community Action kit.

The Indian Wars Never Ended
For more than 38 years, the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) has used modern weapons of legal advocacy to defend the rights and cultural lifeways of Native peoples. It has also fought to protect the environment and to help empower Native people to attain self-sufficiency. While much has been achieved, considerable challenges and work remain. Many historic injustices have never been resolved and new attacks on the rights of Native Americans continue.

Make a Difference
NARF is proud to have been a pioneer and leader in defending the rights of Native Americans. However, one thing is certain-NARF has not done this work alone. Thousands of everyday people like you have joined NARF and supported our work to attain justice for Native Americans. People like you have been an important partner in the victories and progress achieved so far for Native peoples. Yet, now more than ever we need even more people like you to join us in this continued battle to preserve the rights and cultures of Native Americans. 

We are asking you to join NARF this November and Be a Modern Day Warrior for Native Americans. Through some very simple steps, you can help MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE this November and make it truly a month to honor and celebrate Native Americans.


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